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Customer Record Update
Persuant to Anti Money Laundering Act 2006, All Customers are required to update their account records to fulfill the requirement of this Act. Customers who have not updated their account records can download "Customer Record Update Form" and fill it before submitting it to a nearest branch, Click here to Download the form

News & Events

TPB Management visits a Partner Bank
Recently a Team of TPB Management visited a Partner Bank kreissparkasse in Tuebingen-German for a study Tour. readmore...
The Launch of Informal Groups Account
The government through TPB is working to improve financial inclusion for micro, small and medium enterprises in the informal sector in bid to reduce the widening credit gap .Making the announcement yesterday in Dar es Salaam at the launch of The Informal Groups Account..readmore...
TPB Hosts 21st  World Savings Bank (WSBI) Meeting –Africa Zone
Tanzania Postal Bank hosted the 21st World Savings Bank Institute Meeting (WSBI), held from today 27th- 28th May 2015. The meeting was held at the Bank of Tanzania Hall in Dar es Salaam.....readmore...


Star TV on the morning talk show program “Tuongee Asubuhi

Foreign Exchange

RATE | Buying |Selling
USD 2050.00 2,250.00
EUR 2,253.00 2,564.00
GBP 3179.00 3,581.00
KES 18.00 21.00
UGX 0.55 0.71
ZAR  156.00 189.00

          Date: 03rd July 2015

Press Release

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